What Is the Difference Between Backlinks and Internal Links for SEO?

One of the most common questions people ask when trying to understand how to build their SEO is, “What are backlinks?” Backlinks tend to be confusing because they are generated from outside your website and act as endorsements that your website is reputable and high-quality. Understanding how to get powerful backlinks is one of the top ways to maximize SEO and shoot up in the ratings.

How Are Backlinks Different From Internal Links for SEO?

Internal links are ones you can put into your website that connect different pages. You have complete control over where and what you connect link to, and they help establish a logical roadmap throughout your website. Backlinks are incoming links that hit your website from external pages. 

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are like external links but in reverse. When you include an external link in a blog post or piece of content, you’re referencing a highly authoritative site that backs up what you’re saying. As a result, that site gets an SEO boost. Backlinks are links that come in from other sites to your site, letting Google know that other sites see you as an authority.

What Are Internal Links for SEO?

Google tends to reward pages with many links in them, so internal links perform a few different functions. First, they let Google know that your website is link-rich and vital. Secondly, internal links provide a pathway of sorts to let potential customers navigate your website easily and get them to what they’re looking for quickly.

How To Get Powerful Backlinks

Since backlinks are essentially recommendations from other websites that your company is legitimate and essential, having the right ones is important. Powerful backlinks that come from high-authority websites are much more credible in Google’s eyes. One of the biggest mistakes companies often make is investing in many low-credibility backlinks rather than a smaller amount of high-credibility ones.

Invest in backlinks that make sense, come from quality sites, and will boost your SEO credibility over time. Partnering up with a company that understands how backlinks operate and how to use them is vital for putting together a plan for long-term success. We can help you craft a plan, determine which backlinks are suitable for you, and track your SEO success.

Understanding Domain Authority

Domain authority, often shortened to “DA,” refers to how credible Google sees the site from which you’re getting the backlink. Domain authority measures sites on a basis from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the better the website.

Numbers with good domain authority are also usually well-optimized and pop up higher in search engine results than ones with lower numbers.

Good Domain Authority Scores

Depending on your industry, you’ll want backlinks from a domain authority score of 30 or higher. Since it all hinges on what you’re looking to achieve, we’re happy to have a consultation to determine what backlink package is right for your needs.

We offer a variety of different options, ranging from D.A. 30+ to D.A. 60+. With a personalized package, you can be sure that you’re maximizing your backlinks, getting great results, and building your own domain authority.

Avoid Low-Quality Backlinks

While high-quality backlinks with good domain authority can boost your credibility and help you appear higher on search engine pages, low-quality backlinks might do the opposite. When Google’s bots crawl websites to determine where they fit in the search, they look at content and link quality.

Backlink Essentials

Backlinking can be a tricky business that’s hard to nail down, but we’re here to help. We can tailor a plan that fits your specific needs by taking these backlink essentials into account.

High Domain Authority

Backlinks must have a good domain authority to be effective. All of our backlinks are vetted with a positive domain authority score of 30 or higher, letting Google know that your site is reputable. You can also see all of your backlinks and the corresponding domain authority on your personalized client dashboard.

Proper Text

Just like you use certain anchor words or text to put internal and external links onto your website, backlinks are using the same kind of text, just in reverse. The backlink needs to provide a clear description of what your company does or is an authority in; the more specific, the better.

High Page Rank

High page rank and domain authority often, but not always, go hand-in-hand. Good backlinks come from websites that rank well in Google searches and appear near the top of the search engine results. These sites are already vetted by Google as being authoritative in their spaces, so the backlinks are of higher quality.

How We Help You Get Impactful Backlinks

Our three-step strategic and comprehensive approach to getting you high-quality backlinks will help you be more visible in search engine rankings and look as authoritative as possible to your clients.

Sending the Right Message

Since one of the critical components of how to get powerful backlinks is knowing what you want to say, we’ll determine what anchor text or phrase and specific links you want to use. We’ll provide our blogging team with these links and your detailed instructions. You can come up with your own anchor text or use one of our tested rotating templates.

Quality Content Creation

Next, our copywriting team puts together some high-quality, engaging content designed to appeal to your audience. They work in your anchor text and link seamlessly and in a relevant spot. Doing so creates a natural, robust backlink that makes complete sense in the context of your website. Our team works with many different specialized niches and are entirely vetted, professional, native English speakers.

Tracking Progress

Using your personalized client dashboard, you’ll be able to check in on all of our customized content, backlinks, and how well each piece of the puzzle is performing. This allows you to make changes as necessary and see what the domain authority of your backlinks is in a single report.

Truly Made for You

We make it easy for you to specify your desired domain authority score, the word count of the content we’re backlinking from, how many posts you want, and how often we should repeat your order. You can also change your preferences as you see fit.

Backlinks are one of the most critical and often misunderstood elements of proper SEO. If you want to build authority, see greater success in Google search engine results, and start reaching more customers than ever before, it’s time to incorporate backlinking into your SEO plan. Contact BetterBacklinks today and take your search engine optimization to the next level.

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